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Radishes, Tubers, and Cilantro, Oh My!

We went out and picked these lovely radishes because it was supposed to get colder this past Wednesday night. I’m not sure how long radishes can stay out when there are successive nights below freezing. Even though these didn’t seem … Continue reading

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Geese and Tents of Flesh and Bone

Today while working in the garden five or six groups of geese in V formation flew over head, honking. Two of them, lacking air controllers, flew into the same air space, appeared to collide in a disorganized fashion and eventually … Continue reading

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Ellie’s Crop Report: May 12, 2011

Ellie saw Mutti and I planting the five Sunchoke/Jerusalem artichoke roots into a tote partially submerged in the ground. We did this to contain the invasive tubers. We also planted some seed potatoes. Garlic is still coming up nicely. The … Continue reading

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