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First Muskmelon aka Cantaloupe of the Season

At left is an almost ripe Minnesota Midget cantaloupe. The netting is all around the melon and the green background is starting to lighten. This one smells sweet but the vines in the patch are starting to die back. I … Continue reading

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Episode II: The Attack of the Nematodes

This is a continuation of my post on Japanese Beetles destroying our bean leaves, so if you missed that post you can check it out here. In talking with other gardeners they’ve noticed an uptick in problems with Japanese Beetles … Continue reading

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Eureka! A Hand Vac!

I had never heard of vacuuming up garden pests until a couple of days ago. I am very willing to try this on our cucumber beetles, because they are too fast to hand-pick. I’ll need to see if we have … Continue reading

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Japanese Beetle Cuts Snowflake Pattern in Bean Leaf

If only the snowflake story was true, I’d be a little more amused with the devastation. Japanese Beetles are fine lace makers as they chew holes through our Kentucky Wonder bean leaves and Nanking Cherry. If they could only fold … Continue reading

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