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Reached 700 lbs, and still picking!

Since the last post, we’ve zoomed past the 509 lbs reached last year, by almost 200 lbs. We’re now at 703 lbs and are still picking items from 30 categories on our updated figure on the Suburban Ton page. How high could … Continue reading

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Up to 100 Pounds Grown Thanks to Alien Kohlrabi

How is that for sensationalistic reporting. The little green and purple Martians brought us up to 100 pounds of produce grown so far. The faces were Mutti’s suggestion. And it’s the logical thing to do, so I went along with … Continue reading

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Bread and Butter Pickles in the Bread and Butter State

I didn’t know Minnesota had the nickname “bread and butter state” since 1902. Pickles aren’t wheat and dairy, but we like them anyway. Mutti collected small cukes over several days to get enough to try canning some bread and butter … Continue reading

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Eureka! A Hand Vac!

I had never heard of vacuuming up garden pests until a couple of days ago. I am very willing to try this on our cucumber beetles, because they are too fast to hand-pick. I’ll need to see if we have … Continue reading

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Relishing the Canning Experience Again

Our cucumber plants have been busy. We’ve had enough to share six with my sister and two with my cousin. Although they’re fine raw, my favorite way to enjoy them is Mutti’s refrigerator pickles. We shared a quart of these … Continue reading

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Canning Strawberries: If You’re Ever In a Jam…

Our First Canning Experience! It was a first time to can anything for both Mutti and I. Before starting, I looked at the Ball book, at a tutorial on the Pioneer Woman’s blog, and a couple of other sites. I … Continue reading

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