Creative Arts Building

We like to celebrate creative activities, so we’re giving ourselves some space to do that. The page is meant to evoke a place similar to the creative activities building at the MN State Fair. Along the way new pictures will be added of things made recently or long ago.

First item: Mutti crocheted this queen size bedspread around the time she was training to become a nurse. It is still in excellent shape! In the picture it’s folded in the middle and at the top to avoid dragging on the floor.

Second item: I crocheted a plastic tote bag out of County Market bags for Mutti back a few years ago.

The rest of the items have captions only to save space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

bedspread that mutti crocheted

Bedspread Crocheted by Mutti

Close up of mutti's crocheted bedspread

Close-up of Bedspread

predominantly white plastic crocheted tote bag with orange and red pattern

Crocheted Plastic Tote Bag (from County Market Grocery Bags)


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