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Congratulations Clean Water Portland!

Portland Oregon has voted against fluoridating their water. I didn’t use to think the small amount of fluoride in water mattered until I read information on the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) site, and heard expert testimony by leading scientists and medical professionals. I don’t … Continue reading

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2012 in review prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog, so I thought I’d share it with readers. I know I am often amazed to see the number of people from different countries that stop by – 88 countries this year! … Continue reading

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Be Sun Savvy Contest – September 2012

Be Sun Savvy Contest – September 2012. I just saw information on this tonight and thought I’d share that there is a contest going on this month each week to win a ready made sun oven, or other interesting prizes. … Continue reading

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409, 409, Giddy up Garden…

We’re exactly 100 pounds away from the 509 pounds we grew last year (see Suburban Ton page). I hope the garden has a little more oomph to rev us up over that mark. Weight isn’t everything, but after a harder … Continue reading

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Kermit sings the blues about the yellows

I picked our first Pattypans and Asian Eggplants today. The larger cantaloupe are sitting up on cleaned tuna cans, busy knitting their netting patterns. The onions have swooned. The beets are blushing. The beans are kind of flagging in the … Continue reading

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PT at the Homestead

PT is for physical therapy. We finally learned in the last month that Mutti’s symptoms were from a fractured pelvis. Her orthopedic doctor was clearly out of touch with how much pain she was in during the office visit, so instead of her … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight After a Frosty Night

We took January off from the blog. I relaxed some and then participated in the St. Paul Pioneer Press Medallion Hunt for fun and exercise. I and many others were oh so close! Towards the middle of the hunt I … Continue reading

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