409, 409, Giddy up Garden…

We’re exactly 100 pounds away from the 509 pounds we grew last year (see Suburban Ton page). I hope the garden has a little more oomph to rev us up over that mark. Weight isn’t everything, but after a harder start to the season it would be nice to at least have a tie. Last year we were picking into the early part of November. I don’t think that’s going to happen this time around.

This evening I finally applied the Milky Spore. I wanted to do a full length sci-fi themed post for that culminating with an enlarged spore pictured as a kind of Death Star exploding little Jabba the Grubs under the soil, but the special effects budget just wasn’t there. The timing was really good to do the application this evening though. I came home from work in a light rain, had dinner, suited up to distribute the spore and as I was starting to hose over the teaspoon sized piles it started to drizzle lightly. So, I got to go in early and let nature take its course.

And, in the unharmonious progression of a Beach Boys header reference and my ongoing saga in Grub Wars, I’ll leave you with this from our sandy suburban soil with unparalleled drainage… Episode III, the Revenge of the Spore. See, told you I was low-budget.

The Death Spore

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