42 Pounds Picked Today!

Garden produce from August 26, 2012 on the stepIt’s been a very good year for peppers and melons. Below is a picture of the pickings from just today – all 42 pounds worth. After picking over 70 pounds of cantaloupe so far, I can safely say they are winding down now. I thought they did well last year when we had 35 pounds or so for the season. I picked 9 “slide of the vine” ripened ones of various sizes just today that totaled a little over 17 pounds, and I think we’ve finally hit the peak. I will update our goal page soon – but our updated chart as of today is below – at 276 pounds!

On an unrelated note, I plan to do an application of Milky Spore this coming week. I don’t know how much effect it may have for next year, or if it works as well on all types of soil. Our soil drains very well – and so the ground dries out readily even in normal years. I’ve read mixed information on the effectiveness of Milky Spore in the past, but I thought it was worth giving a try. Last year I described our application of beneficial nematodes in the post “Episode II: The Attack of the Nematodes.” http://wp.me/p1vKaf-ff  But, I couldn’t really tell if it helped, and so the saga continues…

figure of 276 pounds grown


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