50 Ways to Leave Your Garden and Return (a Paul Simon parody)

  1. Slip out the gate, Nate
  2. Paint the north wall, ya’ll
  3. Take a needed rest, Wes
  4. Kick up your feet…

The yard hasn’t exactly been the relaxing hobby this year, hence the song. Aster Yellows took down some coneflowers. The Japanese beetle population now requires a near daily collection with soapy water. Squash borers have taken out 3 vines and counting (moths here since May and saw one this week). We had some bit and run incidents with several melons, a fungus attacking lemon cuke vines, grubs causing the lawn to peel in areas, and crabgrass attempting a coup. The sweet doily weeds are better behaved and casually place themselves under the perennials along the front walk as if preparing for tea, but crabgrass has been a bull in a china shop.

So, yes. I have slipped out the gate, painted the north wall (before and after the heat wave), taken needed rests, and kicked up my feet. But, it’s not all bad. We’re up to 50 pounds of produce grown as of today. So, for every way to leave the garden, there’s another ripening reason to return.

Below is the tally of what has been harvested so far. And a note on Mutti- she continues to improve, but healing has been a long process. Below the graph is a picture of the north wall I painted yesterday on my day off. It was finally less humid and cool enough to put on the second coat.

graph of 50 pounds of produce grown as of July 28, 2012

North wall showing second coat of paint

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