Tally for June 30, 2012

We’re up to 18 pounds grown so far. This graph will be updated periodically and posted on our Suburban Ton page for those who think it’s fun to track it along with us. Before Mutti had health issues this spring, we had decided to try to surpass last year’s total. I guess we’ll see if that happens as we weren’t able to take advantage of the warmer spring to its fullest. Most of what we’ve been harvesting so far are perennial crops and the garlic put in last fall. Overall, we have around 40 different items that could be harvested this time around including types of herbs, fruit, veggies and grain. I have to say that sowing the buckwheat got a little crazy this year. I generally sow it after the garlic are done, but I didn’t stop with planting it where the garlic had been. No, I planted it out in the front yard among the perennial beds, and in pockets around the side and back yard. I guess we’re mad for Mancan. New items we’re trying this year are lemon cucumber, Hutterite beans, Crimson Sweet watermelon, Asian eggplant, Napa cabbage, and Bok Choy.

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