PT at the Homestead

Mutti and Ellie the cat napPT is for physical therapy. We finally learned in the last month that Mutti’s symptoms were from a fractured pelvis. Her orthopedic doctor was clearly out of touch with how much pain she was in during the office visit, so instead of her trying to keep doing stairs and going about her business as he recommended, we instead opted for main level rest and home PT.

In the past month, I’ve repurposed an unused spare shower curtain to cover foam as a thigh pillow for a hard plastic commode, have done absolutely nothing with the extra pallets we were going to put to use this year, have singlehandedly killed off our initial tomato seedlings due to what appeared to be an airborne fungus not caught in time AND reseeded a new flat the same weekend, sanitized the entire poly greenhouse interior and shelving, reroped the greenhouse roof after frayed points in the existing rope allowed it to become an unwieldly kite in March-like gusts, looked after our other plants from seed, and tried to just keep the salad bowl and planters on the steps watered. There’s been enough other additional activity with calling to cancel and arrange new doctor appointments and PT, meeting with siblings to discuss Plan As and Bs, and everything that goes into nursing a painful pelvis back to health.

We’re still in that process, so the gardening activity is taking a backseat to Mutti’s “backseat.” This weekend I do hope to make some headway with some weeding, soil amending, and repotting the new tomato seedlings that are off to such a late start. I’m also in the process of hardening off our other plants. It’s kind of like Mutti’s PT, as she gradually increases physical activity as she’s able. Indoor peppers can’t take full sun sitting on raised beds right out of the gate. There’s a time to stay in the shade and get used to the breezes as they come.

With Mutti’s permission, the above picture is a nap shot with Ellie and Mutti. We anticipate that Ellie will be giving some crop reports this growing season though they may not be as regular as last year. She reports, from bedside, that we harvested 3 ounces from the  salad bowl to start off counting our pounds. As time and circumstances allow, we’ll update our Suburban Ton page at the top of the blog again – to see how close we come this year even with the slow start!

The salad bowl

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