This year’s seedlings

We’re busting at the seams with seedlings, so I put up the greenhouse tent impromptu this evening hoping to move many of them out tomorrow. We discussed whether we’d be weighing everything we pick like we did last year, and we resolved that we’d try doing it again just to see how much we grow. We may not reach a ton, but it’s fun to see how close we get! And we’re trying more varieties of things this year than last. Though, with Mutti having some physical challenges that she didn’t have previously, we’ll have to see how it goes in the future if I can bear most of the weight or not.

This year’s seedlings include:

Four types of tomatoes (two determinate and two indeterminate)

Three types of peppers (regular, Anaheim, and jalapeno)

Four types of winter squash and two types of summer squash

Two types of melon (watermelon and cantaloupe)

Eggplant, Wong Bok cabbage, broccoli, Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth, basil, and huckleberry. Rosemary and Sweet Annie didn’t germinate unfortunately.

We did more pepper seedlings because after we took in about 5 large pepper plants last fall to try to overwinter them, they were struck with a massive aphid infestation. I showered them off several times to no avail. They had to go. Among them was “Old Duffer” a two-year old pepper plant that we’d overwintered the previous year.  

In addition to our direct seeded veggies and grains, we plan to add Hutterite Beans and Painted Lady Runner Beans to our regular crop of Kentucky Wonder. We’ll see how they all do with the return of the dreaded Japanese Beetles, but we won’t think of that now. I just hope the Nematode application last year will have helped some.

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