Springing Into Yard Chores

A bundle of silverfeather grass for mulchWith the warm weather we’ve been doing some yard chores. This includes taking down Christmas lights outside, trimming the perennials, and inspecting the crocuses. That last one isn’t a chore, but it gets us outside to do the other work. We’re almost done cutting the decorative grasses (i.e., Karl Forrester,  Silver Feather, and Little and Big Blue Stem). At left is some of the Silver Feather grass cut and bound with twine to be used as mulch. In the past we’ve bought a hay bale or two to use on strawberries, garlic, and other areas, but using the Silver Feather and Forrester grasses means there shouldn’t be seeds being dispersed as with store-bought hay. Our grass clumps are now maturing to a size where we may not need to buy any bales this coming fall.

I also admit to digging a little bit today to spread some of our spreading Pussy Toes into the margins around our front walk pavers. Pussy Toes are allelopathic plants, so I’m hoping that once they get established there they’ll lessen the need to weed the walkway.


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