Turkish Delight After a Frosty Night

Frosted dillWe took January off from the blog. I relaxed some and then participated in the St. Paul Pioneer Press Medallion Hunt for fun and exercise. I and many others were oh so close! Towards the middle of the hunt I searched down the opposite side of the hill where it was later found. But I got stuck on a clue that led me to the compost site leaf piles and a pine branch heap within Tony Schmidt Regional Park across from where I’d been looking before. I figure their pile would have needed turning eventually, and it was somewhat therapeutic for me doing it in mid winter. But no medallion there, just black gold in the making.

frost on frosty miller and sedum in rock gardenBut this morning we woke to a frosted landscape. Without snow cover in this balmy winter, it was a pretty sight to see things sugar-coated. And I was right in step by sugar-coating some Turkish Delight /Lokum candy that I had cooled overnight. I had always wanted to try making this and so I started off with Saad Fayed‘s recipe at mideastfood.about.com’s site. This recipe is a basic lemon flavored one with rosewater. I’ve had Lokum from Liberty Orchards that used various kinds of nuts with other flavors. We LOVE their Lokum. So, until I find a recipe that includes nuts, I may just need to experiment with this one by trying pineapple or peach juice with various crushed nuts.

Turkish delight after coolingThe only worrying point in the recipe for me was combining the cornstarch and sugar mixtures. The cornstarch clumped quite a bit even though I had been careful to fully dissolve the cornstarch. During the five minutes of constant stirring at boiling temperature, these appeared to dissolve, but there still were a few small lumps in the final product. If someone has a tip to avoid this clumping issue, please post.

Turkish Delight squaresThe large yellow square at right is after the mixture had cooled overnight in the refrigerator. Second, is the final product. It makes a fun fruity dessert if you’re entertaining and want to prepare a special middle eastern treat. But if your guest is familiar with C.S. Lewis, you may want to assure him or her that you are on Aslan‘s side. But, if that’s not the case, watch that your Lokum doesn’t turn to stone!

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