Firewood Basket Project

This year we knew we wanted to have a fire going in the new stove for Christmas Eve, but we wanted a firewood holder (with sides) that was less expensive than the ones I priced that were metal. I would use a metal coal bucket if they were big enough, but the ones I saw were not. So, we headed to the thrift store to see what they had. We didn’t find anything metal, but we found an inexpensive sturdy laundry basket with a missing handle on one end and decided to repurpose it to hold logs.

I took heavy plastic and cut a piece to fit the basket with enough room for it to go up the sides. I laid the plastic inside and folded the plastic in large pleats to fit the basket walls, stapling the folded plastic to hold its shape. This liner can catch moisture that might come in with the wood, and is easily removed to clean out when needed.

Over the plastic, we wanted a heavy material cover that could be removed and washed. We chose dark blue heavy denim and cut it to fit the shape and dimensions of the basket. I sewed a casing for elastic around the top to hold the denim liner up over the edge. I used a safety-pin through the end of the elastic to guide it through easily, and sewed the ends. And voila!  We have a log holder that can cozy up to a basket of yarn skeins and an old Singer treadle. Soon the holiday decor will come down and we’ll be plotting next year’s garden rotation.

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