Dried Flower Decor and a Christmas Reflection

Christmas tree with dried flowersYes, those are dried flowers on a small Christmas tree. We used natural dried tickseed, statice, SilverFeather grass, yarrow, and Autumn Joy that were collected in the fall. Even though the colors had faded, we still enjoy them. There are also sparkly gold fruit on the tree, but we did not grow those!

This week we’ll be gearing up for a family Christmas celebration at our home, and anticipating lighting a cozy fire in the new stove. And Ellie, most likely, will be hanging out with the journeying magi under the tree, watching the festivities from the perspective of our nativity set. Motionless sheep graze under twinkling lights. Mary and Joseph figures look down on the baby, who is looking up through the branches of our fake spruce tree looming tall above his head – a reminder of the prophesied purpose for which God sent the real Jesus into the world. And our Ellie, looks out from the wise men as if she has a secret. She knows there is a peaceful place at the foot of the tree to rest. We too seek to keep the gift of Jesus in the foreground, as we look out from under the trimmings this Christmas.

Ellie with the wisemen

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