Crocheted Cups for a Christmas Tea

Crocheted Cup Ornament I Made for Christmas Tea

Crocheted Cup Ornament I Made for Christmas Tea

On the theme of Christmas season creativity, at left is one of the gifts I made for a tea I hosted just a few years ago. It’s a Christmas tea-cup ornament that I did without a pattern, crocheted out of thin yarn and embellished with gold embroidery and small flowers purchased at a craft store. I did a unique cup for each of my guests, each in a different color, in a different style. A practical reason they were different was that after two proto-types working free style I found it was tricky to crochet the ornaments exactly alike. But in that process a lesson emerged, and I wanted to get the message to my nieces as young women that although many in this world stress a certain outward beauty standard, that beauty is found in our natural, diverse shapes and sizes. So, I tried to reflect that in the design of the ornaments, emphasizing different styles and colors.
The main message of the tea was in the tea. If you look closely, these tea cups had a tea bag and the tea bags were part of a drawstring for the fabric “tea” pouch inside the cup. Inside the pouch of tea were small tokens that accompanied key ideas from different verses each guest read from the story of Mary visiting Elizabeth in the gospel of Luke 1:26-55 preceding the birth of Christ. For example, there was a small white plastic dove in the pouch that symbolized the Holy Spirit working in their lives, etc. And being a tea, of course we had food! I prepared the whole spread and had a blast doing it.
tea sandwiches and desserts

Sandwiches and Desserts for the Tea

crocheted cups I made for guests at my Christmas tea

Crocheted Cups I Made for My Guests at a Christmas Tea

more sandwiches and desserts for the tea

Blueberry Scones and Ribbon Sandwiches

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