Gingerbread: German Candle Spinner!

Gingerbread German Spinner I made for my aunt

German gingerbread spinner I made for my aunt

I confess. I’m a retired gingerbread structure enthusiast, so I’m sharing one more project here. I made this gingerbread German candle spinner for my aunt some years ago. It stood almost 3 feet high. All of it was self-supporting out of food except for the two short visible pieces of white tubing to stabilize the center where candy canes joined, and a small white disk at the top where the blades attached (with almond bark). Each tier was a different scene of the nativity, with shepherds and sheep going one direction around the manger scene in the center, the second tier for the wise men, and third for the angels and star. The candy canes made it look a bit busy, but I’m not sure what else would have worked. Of course, this did not actually spin around. That would be asking a bit much when it’s almost completely edible.

Some of the items used were marshmallows for candles, fruit roll-ups to dress most of the figures, chocolate covered mint sticks for staves, and coconut lifesavers for halos. Much of the structure, including the fan blades  at the top, was made of gingerbread. Other decorations were frosted gingerbread, yogurt covered pretzels, and chocolate bells. The tiers were designed to be transportable, so they were not actually “glued” together with almond bark. Instead the tiers rested on gum drops on top of each candy cane, which were supported by almond bark and caramels at each base. It was a challenging project, and as my cousin had been stationed in Germany at the time, it seemed like a fun gift for my aunt and uncle around Christmas.

Other gingerbread structures are featured on our “Creative Activities Building” page.

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One Response to Gingerbread: German Candle Spinner!

  1. IamSimplyTia says:

    Bravo. A job very well done.

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