Fall Yard Pics and Thanksgiving

Silverfeather grass in fallThe garlic, butterfly bush and perennial mum have been put to bed, and tucked in with some straw mulch. Here are a few shots in the yard before the first snow fell yesterday. We have some Silver Feather grass along our back fence with Little Blue Stems in between. We were not sure how the Silver Feather grass would do because our soil drains very well. But, they seem happy and we’ve enjoyed their fall tassel displays. In the spring when we cut the grass tops, we collect them to reuse as mulch. Because they are not self seeding, we don’t have to worry about them sprouting like the weed seeds that hitch a ride with the straw we buy at the local gardening store.

The shot at left is of our rock garden, a little past prime. Back there we have Autumn Joy, Fuzzy Wuzzy Lamb’s Ear, lavender from my sister who makes her own home-made sachets, various sedums (Angelina and Purple Emperor, etc.), hens and chicks, Elijah Fescue Grass, pinks, and some Dusty Miller from seed that came back for a second year. And the shot to the right is another clump of Miscanthus Sinensis, or Silver Feather Grass, next to Little Blue Stem with some pruned yarrow.

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving now, as we’ll be gathering with family later this week.

Psalm 69:30 “I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.”

rock garden in fallmore silverfeather grass in fall

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