Triple Espresso Bags! And Bonus Potato Head Shots!

Dunn Bro. bean bags to reuseSorry this has nothing to do with the comedy act Triple Espresso from the Twin Cities. No, I’m simply following-up on a post about acquiring some burlap bean bags to grow organic potatoes in next season. Earlier this month when we picked up some straw to mulch the garlic cloves, we made another bean bag stop at Dunn Bro. Thank you again, Dunn Bro! We now have three burlap bags, and I don’t anticipate any comedy coming from the likes of these, unless Pixar does a spin-off using the real Mr. Potato Head. I just learned the original accessories were meant for actual potatoes. Hmmm. I doubt those early days looked anything like this…. a statement on advertisement creep (symbolized in Tinsel Cat) taking over family time at Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Potato Head in November, Alarmed By

Mrs. Potato Head Alarmed By...

Mr. Potato Head trapped in Snow Globe by Tinsel Cat

Mr. Potato Head Trapped by Tinsel Cat in Makeshift Snow Globe

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