Brussel Sprout Cam?

Brussel SproutsOne of the last things we’ve harvested are the Brussel sprouts. Here is a shot of them before they were dug up to be stored inside. Last year we picked them too early (before frost) and froze them down in bags ready to eat. This year, I cut them after frost. And because we have less freezer space, we decided to freeze some down and see how long a couple of other stalks would last being stored in the cellar. I read on the U of MN extension site that cutting the stalk at ground level for storage in a cellar should work. The thought also crossed my mind of setting up a live Brussel Sprout Cam in there, but the whole genre of live veggie cams is so overdone. Now everyone and their neighbors, irrespective of membership in gardening clubs, are transfixed watching live carrots nesting in moist buckets of sand. It’s become an internet wide cliché. So, we have refrained.

We still have potatoes from the garden that we had been keeping in the garage that we’ll move down into the cellar soon. Our cellar is actually an old well room that we cleaned out and added shelves to for storing produce like this. It was a thrifty project, using concrete block and wood, that allowed for circulation between the wall and shelves. We were inspired to have a cellar from reading Root Cellaring by Mike and Nancy Bubel. It’s been a good resource, and has many suggestions for creative storage spaces and materials to use. The only thing left to do for ours is to add a cool fresh air source for circulation. If we find we really do need that, we could rig up a tube going from a nearby window well into that room, but for now I think we’ll try it as it is. We don’t have much in there now anyway, as our squash and garlic like it cool and dry. And I’ll end with a plug for emergency preparedness – we have some bottled water stored in the cellar just in case.

Brussel Sprouts stored in cellar

Well Room Cellar A.K.A. Brussel Sprout Cam Placebo

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