Radishes, Tubers, and Cilantro, Oh My!

Radishes from garden Nov 3

A pound and 5 ounces of radishes

We went out and picked these lovely radishes because it was supposed to get colder this past Wednesday night. I’m not sure how long radishes can stay out when there are successive nights below freezing. Even though these didn’t seem to mind the frosts so far, we didn’t want to push it. I’m not sure what we’ll do with over a pound of radishes in November, but we’ll probably give some away.

We also decided to take a peek at the Jerusalem Artichoke tote. Back in May Mutti had asked for Jerusalem Artichoke/Sunchoke tubers, and they appear to have greatly multiplied. There was almost a pound and a half of tubers from digging up just one plant, and we started out planting just five tubers. They store best outside where they grow, so the picked ones will need to be eaten relatively soon. Neither of us have tried one before, but we have heard of their reputed side effect, so will not eat too many at one time.

Jerusalem Artichoke roots from one plant exposed

Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers

While pulling up the radishes I also came across two small cilantro plants that I dug up to bring in the house. Hopefully these will grow well indoors. I had already brought in our rosemary plant for the winter (pictured).

Rosemary brought indoors for winter


Small cilantro plants from garden


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