Creative Arts Building: Mutti’s Hand Stitched Quilt

We haven’t highlighted our Creative Arts Building link in a while, so today in celebration of Mutti’s handiwork and the cooler weather, we are featuring a new addition to our slide show. She sewed this bright quilt entirely by hand, and had the carpel tunnel to prove it. Seriously, it was a lot of repetitive motion, similar to the year she crocheted scarves and shawls for every member of the extended family as Christmas presents.

Mutti's quilt by hand

Mutti's Quilt All Done By Hand

I’ve only completed one quilt, half by hand, which had been started by my grandmother, continued by my dad when he was young, then finished by me as a gift to my eldest niece when she was a baby. But I used a machine for the final assembly and edges. If I hadn’t, my niece might have gotten her blanket as a college gift! I will probably add a picture of that eventually, as well as woodwork projects my dad finished before passing away. We like to celebrate past and present projects, out of various materials. Crochet thread, gingerbread, plastic bags and wire are some of the materials represented along with this fabric quilt. So, if you’re at all curious, check out the link at the top of the blog.

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