Quarter of a Ton Reached!

clouded sulphur or southern dogface resting on bean plant

And I would fly 500 miles. And I would fly 500 more. Just to be the Butterfly...

And I would grow 500 pounds, And I would grow 500 more…

Sing that to the tune of the Proclaimers’ I Would Walk 500 Miles and you too could grow more yellow pear tomatoes than you’ll ever need. We’ve reached a quarter of a short ton, and growing that 500 pounds of produce was an interesting experience. I’m not sure about 500 more, at least not for this season. (The picture at left was a visiting butterfly I almost mistook for a falling leaf today. With the strong winds, it sought shelter in the remaining bean plants. I think it was probably a Clouded Sulphur.)

Today I cut the sunflower heads, that the birds and squirrels didn’t get to first, with a couple feet of stem to finish drying inside the garage. We also picked the last of our peppers. We’re expecting a chance of flurries this week, so we also brought in four pepper plants to see if they overwinter as nicely as the small one we took in last fall. All four plants have small peppers growing on them, and of the three larger ones is a pepper we overwintered the previous year.

The final onions were picked today along with some yellow pear tomatoes. To be honest we have grown a little tired of yellow pears. We sent two bags with my sister to “Manna Market,” a food distribution group she volunteers with, because we simply could not use them all. We’re glad that people there were happy to get them, and she said they went fast! We still have all the Brussel Sprouts, a few radishes and miscellaneous herbs to collect. I tried to collect most of the Golden Giant Amaranth before they scattered, but I think we’ll probably have volunteers coming up next year. And with amaranth seeds, a little goes a long way, though maybe not 500 miles.

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3 Responses to Quarter of a Ton Reached!

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  2. Congrats! this is a really impressive feat. I’ve focused exclusively on peppers and herbs for the last few years, so next year I’m going to work beans and squash in the garden. One day I hope to bring in my own 1/4 TON!

  3. Thank you, and go for it! We were inspired by others trying to reach a ton, and getting a quarter of the way felt good. We hope to grow a little more beans and squash next year as well as peppers, so I’ll keep stopping by for your tips. But tomatoes? We may cut back on those unless we can give more away 🙂

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