If a tree falls in the forest…it makes a woodpile

picture of sculpture of wood pile made to look like newly chopped down tree

Alastair Heseltine's sculpture, see alastairheseltine.com, used with permission.

I saw the above sculpture on a wood stacking tip site and really wanted to display it here also. I did my first wood pile yesterday, but in piano terms it was just Chopsticks in comparison.

We needed a new place to store split wood because the shed on the property when we moved in was in pretty sad shape. It was rusting with dented doors and wood was haphazardly stacked in the back of it, with more wood added to it since. The extra wood was mostly split with my dad’s old maul and two wedges, by yours truly. I mention in an older post about the old red oak tree that came down. We kept some of that large tree for firewood which meant steadily working through about a dozen 2 foot diameter rounds that were lined up along one side of our property.

last full round to split

Split wood and Darth by my last full round

The first design idea was more like a crib using pallets we picked up, but the simpler plan won out.  It involved putting down some small solid concrete blocks next to the shed to keep our largest pallet off the ground. It looks uneven in the picture below because we accidentally got two different sizes (at two different times), but Mutti  said the angle could help clear off rain below the tarp. I will finish putting some stakes in the ground along two edges of the pallet. Originally I was going to nail extra wood slats from other pallets on the ends for extra support, but for now I’m just going with the metal stakes that have hooks and holes in them ready to go.

I had never stacked a wood pile before yesterday, and I wanted to avoid any Jenga-like mishaps. On a few occasions as a kid my siblings and I helped carry wood to my dad, but I was young and wasn’t really paying attention to how he arranged them. I learned some stacking tips at the Woodheat site, and after trying them out yesterday I think the pile is neat and stable. As most of the wood is cut in wedges, I didn’t worry about pieces rolling away. The front row will be split and then stacked with the rest. I know wood needs airflow, and in person there seems to be a big enough gap between the two back rows. If someone has a different gap suggestion, let me know.

Wood pile on pallet (on concrete blocks)

My first attempt at a wood pile

Moving the split wood out of the shed showed me that I still have quite a few pieces inside that still need splitting, and “Darth Maul” is often flying off the handle now, well, actually slipping off. So, that slows things down. I don’t actually call it Darth, but after calling our moving dolly Salvador for fun, it might stick. Do guys name their tools anything beyond Stanley and Allen? Perhaps not. Anyway, I need a new maul or a way to fix it. [NOTE: I realized my maul was in fact a sledge hammer, so Darth is out. And yes, I know Stanley tools are a brand :)]

last round with wedge in middle like sundial

Last round with wedge - sundial below sunflowers

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