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Creative Arts Building: Mutti’s Hand Stitched Quilt

We haven’t highlighted our Creative Arts Building link in a while, so today in celebration of Mutti’s handiwork and the cooler weather, we are featuring a new addition to our slide show. She sewed this bright quilt entirely by hand, … Continue reading

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No Delicorn Left Behind

As we’ve been cleaning up the garden, cutting down drying bean vines, and removing the last of the tomato cages into the garage, Mutti came across a surprise under the wild columbine. She found another Delicorn squash. We had a … Continue reading

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A Little Spring in October

This post is in honor of my closest and dearest friend, Laurie, whom I’ve known since I was four years old or so. We recently received news that she will be fighting cancer in the weeks ahead, and so our … Continue reading

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Quarter of a Ton Reached!

And I would grow 500 pounds, And I would grow 500 more… Sing that to the tune of the Proclaimers’ I Would Walk 500 Miles and you too could grow more yellow pear tomatoes than you’ll ever need. We’ve reached … Continue reading

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Between Some Rock and a Hot Place

Since I’ve known about them, I’ve loved the concept of masonry heaters. These don’t seem to be all that common in the US, but are becoming more popular. It centers a fireplace in the middle of a home, works by … Continue reading

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Geese and Tents of Flesh and Bone

Today while working in the garden five or six groups of geese in V formation flew over head, honking. Two of them, lacking air controllers, flew into the same air space, appeared to collide in a disorganized fashion and eventually … Continue reading

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If a tree falls in the forest…it makes a woodpile

I saw the above sculpture on a wood stacking tip site and really wanted to display it here also. I did my first wood pile yesterday, but in piano terms it was just Chopsticks in comparison. We needed a new … Continue reading

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