Spicy MN Midget Melon Seeds

spiced cantaloupe seedsIt looks like these seeds might be coated in cocoa, but they’re spicy with a little kick. It didn’t occur to me to roast cantaloupe seeds until I came across a recipe post at The Newlyfeds recently. I saw the recipe called for cantaloupe seeds with oil, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, and salt or sugar. We were finishing off the last of the MN Midget melons from the garden so I started saving seeds for two purposes. Not able to find the cumin, I used curry seasoning with the cayenne, left out the salt, and dashed a tiny bit of a sugar cinnamon mix on it. An odd combination maybe, but sometimes odd works. At a 350 degree setting, I checked for crispness at 10 and 20 minutes, but they weren’t quite there yet. So I put it in a little longer. Mutti taste-tested for crunchiness, and they passed. I would like to try the original recipe, but the “what’s on hand” version made a good snack too.

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