It was “National Visit Alpaca Farm Day”

home at alpaca farmI didn’t know there was a national “visit an alpaca farm” day, but yesterday I helped drive a large group of Chinese students and post-docs with Chinese Outreach Ministries (COM) at the University of Minnesota, to an alpaca farm in Cannon Falls, MN. Connie and Rick Bodecker run Bluff Breeze Farm on 60 acres of land. It is home to a large herd of alpacas, a few cats and dogs, and a pond full of koi.  After the alpaca farm visit our group visited Bob and Connie Brand’s farm nearby for a light dinner, casual yard games, a bonfire and hayrides (minus the hay). During the ride, he showed us a 100-year-old sugar maple, one of the many they use in their newer enterprise of syrup-making. Overall, it was a good day meeting some new people and getting caught up with others I had not seen in a while.

Below are some of the alpacas we saw at Bluff Breeze that contribute to various products sold at the farm. With the hint of fall in the air the knitted alpaca yarn socks felt really tempting.

mom and son alpacasStud alpaca at farmMale alpacas at farm

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