Delicorn or Acornicata?

delicorn squash cross of delicata and acornI say delicorn, you say acornicata. Let’s call the whole thing an improvement? It’s somewhat ironic as initially I thought we had only planted seeds for acorn squash, or had gotten mixed seeds in a packet for acorn. Then we figured out the mystery squash we were growing was delicata. Then to make matters even more interesting, we were blessed with a cross between delicata and acorn. It’s the shape of a delicata, but it has the acorn coloring, complete with the yellowish bottom spot. We tried the squash last weekend with dinner and actually preferred the combination squash. The taste was more like acorn as well. We are saving the seeds to see what might happen in future plantings. Pictured is our delicorn with some of our other freshly picked produce.

delicorn in basket with other veggies

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