Emergency Stove and Humdinger Update

If the topic of emergency stoves and camping gear doesn’t light your fire, that’s alright. Back in May of this year I addressed emergency stoves and thought it was time for an update. In my May post, in addition to linking to an existing conversation on stoves from Wattsupwiththat, I added some additional information on the Bio Lite stove that wasn’t mentioned in that thread. The efficiency of the Bio Lite stove is impressive, and it has the added feature of being able to charge a cell phone while in use. I said I’d keep my eyes open for Bio Lite availability in spring 2011 for an update. Well, there was no need to get stoked up about it as it never quite got on the market. The availability dates for the home stove and camping version have been pushed back until spring 2012.

I also checked back to see if the guys at Humdinger were further along with their Windbelt technology. But, there was no indication on their website of any products  ready for market or a review.

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