Potato Fest Fizzled but 1/8th of Short Ton Reached!

It was just last week that I wondered if and when we’d reach 250 pounds. What put us over were digging up some of the red potatoes. Unfortunately, the anticipated “potato fest” turned out to be somewhat disappointing. The bag listed a 50 to 75 pound harvest, and so far the yield looks like it won’t come to even half that. The plants appeared to do really well through the season from what we could see. But with small disappointments aside, we at least have more potatoes than we planted in the ground in the beginning, and we haven’t dug them all up yet. We’ll continue to track how far beyond 250 pounds we go.

delicata squashAs the harvest winds down in the coming weeks, posts will likely drift back to other homesteading and emergency preparedness topics such as what we’ll be storing in the root cellar, using a pallet for a firewood rack, knitting, emergency rocket stoves, etc. I’m particularly keen to find a place for the squash after they cure, as the root cellar is too humid. And, I hope that we have enough Butternuts that will require storage, as twice now we’ve had rabbit teeth impressions left behind on our unintended grocery samples. I tried putting garlic skins around them, but to quote Emeril, “BAM!” I may need to kick it up a notch and try smearing them with a little hot sauce. On the topic of squash, we tried our first delicata squash (pictured) and thought the flavor was closer to potato than “sweet potato.” They’re still good though, and the vines have been prolific.

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