Sunflower and Golden Giant Amaranth: “Mutt and Jeff”

tall Sunflower and short giant amaranth like Mutt and Jeff

Tarahumara Sunflower as Mutt, and Golden Giant Amaranth as Jeff

I don’t recall the comic “Mutt and Jeff” (see comic below). But it came to Mutti’s mind when discussing this post, so I had to look it up. The Golden Giant Amaranth is supposed to be very tall, and so I planted it behind the shorter sunflowers not knowing that sunflowers were allelopathic. The result was rather stunting. Both of them get sideways sun from the south, so the much shorter amaranth wasn’t just due to blocked sunlight.

Although the modified stature of the amaranth makes it easier to harvest the seeds, I won’t be planting these two close to each other in the future. Our other amaranth, Bleeding Heart, was also sown in an unfortunate spot, near Red Oak stump chips. It did not even set seed.

Dog-gone Mutt and Jeff comic (1926) public domain according to Wikimedia

Dog-gone, Mutt and Jeff comic (1926)

Tarahumara Sunflower

Golden Giant Amaranth by house

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