We Passed Go!

celebrate 200 pounds of produce in style of go square of monopolyWe passed “Go” and are celebrating 200 pounds of produce grown so far! See the Suburban Ton page for the details. Mutti is confident that we’ll reach the 1/8 of a ton mark (250 pounds). We had an unfortunate number of large red tomatoes rot on the vine which neither of us had experienced before, and those were not counted in our total. But, we have about 20 crops including herbs that we’re either finishing up harvesting or waiting to harvest. So who knows, we may reach 250 pounds.

Ellie's Crop report Summer picEllie hasn’t given a detailed crop report in a while. We picked the last half ounce of pea pods today and the vines are in the compost bin. We cleaned up the strawberry patch and I dug up some more areas to plant garlic and other things. The cucumbers are getting tired, but after 50 pounds of cukes and bugs biting you all over, I’d be tired too. The buckwheat continue their white cluster blooms. You can see a MN Midget melon is yellowing in the picture on the edge of the left melon patch. Around the corner the fennel is starting to look like fennel. We’re finally getting sunflower blooms. The Golden Giant amaranth plants were quite stunted by the sunflowers. They were supposed to be taller, so were planted behind them. But they are blooming at half their height. Half of the Brussel sprout plants appear to be making sprouts, so that may need investigation. We harvested a few of our red potatoes and they look good. There are about four weeks to our average frost date here, so things may need to wind up fast for most of our crops.

And as for Ellie, she’ll miss the open windows when the cold weather hits.

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