First Muskmelon aka Cantaloupe of the Season

Almost ripe MN Midget CantaloupeAt left is an almost ripe Minnesota Midget cantaloupe. The netting is all around the melon and the green background is starting to lighten. This one smells sweet but the vines in the patch are starting to die back. I suspect it may be the cucumber beetle’s doing because I had seen some in that area but wasn’t able to get them. As the vine has yellowed I’ve noticed some of the more mature melons are turning yellowish in a very short span of time. For cantaloupe this is an indication of maturity, but I’m not sure how much further past this stage it takes for it to be at its prime. This melon and another one seemed to suddenly turn yellow but I’m not sure why it happened so fast because the other melon had not developed its full netting pattern yet. If it is related to the vine die-back, I wouldn’t know. I actually found this second melon sitting off the vine, so this was our first taste of MN Midget. Fortunately, it smelled sweet even though it didn’t look like it had matured enough. We each had a half of it and found it was firm and delicately sweet, though not entirely ripe.

MN midget Cantaloupe on arbor trellisThis next picture is of less mature MN Midgets growing on the arbor in the garden. Some vines are up the trellis and some are along the ground with melons sitting either on scraps of cardboard or tuna cans to keep them off the ground. It is the first time either of us has grown cantaloupe of any kind and I would definitely like to grow these again.

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