Museum of Modern Cuisinart: Cubist Pesto and Pollock

harvesting Genovese Basil leavesI had never tried pesto, but we have lots of Genovese Basil. So, I found a traditional recipe for it at Diggin Food using Genovese Basil, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. I went ahead and got the cheapest pine nuts I could find with the idea that I wanted to try it at least once in its traditional form before switching to more economical ingredients. Cubism comes in via the ice-cube tray freezing method. Though, the picture of the frozen pesto cube is probably more minimalist. Anyway, I froze mint in ice-cube trays a couple of years ago, and I may need to freeze mint in this tray again in case there’s a lingering pesto smell. Some do recommend a designated freezing tray for this purpose.

frozen pesto cube

red and yellow tomato skins in panThis next shot is kind of like Jackson Pollock’s answer to Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can. It’s a heap of strewn tomato skins removed before making salsa for canning. The salsa (below) looked duller after further cooking, but despite losing the vibrant colors I really liked the taste of it. I used the Ball recipe for Zesty Salsa, and it made 8 pints. Along with onions and tomatoes from the garden, I used frozen hot peppers left over from last year and they still had zing.

zesty salsa on the stoveJust this weekend we again had a lot of tomatoes ripen at once, so we shared some with family. But we still needed to make use of the remaining tomatoes on our table that had ripened or were split and needed to be used quickly, so we made one quart and 5 pints of fresh salsa. That’s a lot of salsa!

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