A Hole in One: Borer Wins the Buttercup

squash borer hole in one wins the buttercup

The Buttercup Trophy

Two of the three Buttercup squash that we thought had come out unscathed from the borer debacle had small holes or indentations near the stem end. One of them had a less suspicious indentation where it looked like the stem had only been damaged, but the other one looked more suspect. Because of conflicting information in reference books and online information I wasn’t sure if it was better to cure certain squash indoors or out. I didn’t think it was warm enough inside so I put them on the step. I’m glad I did, as it proved a little too warm for a borer that I saw escaping from the stem area of the squash! Gross, and game over for that squash. I haven’t checked the second Buttercup, but it’s been moved outside in case it also has an occupant.

Also, I mentioned some posts ago that I thought that the squash we planted (pictured at left) was supposed to be Table Queen acorn squash, but it looked like a zucchini. Then after some sleuthing online, we’ve learned that the squash are actually Delicata!  We have not had this squash before, so this should be interesting. Also, we found a couple of very young acorn squash starting. Hopefully we’ll have a few more rounds of warmer weather in the coming weeks for these to mature.

delicata squash

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