Up to 100 Pounds Grown Thanks to Alien Kohlrabi

kohlrabi with faces on and around scaleClose up of kohlrabi with facesHow is that for sensationalistic reporting. The little green and purple Martians brought us up to 100 pounds of produce grown so far. The faces were Mutti’s suggestion. And it’s the logical thing to do, so I went along with it.

We reached 100 pounds on Sunday, but we’re actually up to 101 as of yesterday. You can check out the Suburban Ton page for an updated bar graph on specific amounts of produce grown. Crops we are still waiting for or are in process of harvesting are potatoes, midget cantaloupe, most of our tomatoes, some squashes, Brussel sprouts, beans, cucumbers, peppers, and onions. There are also a few final turnips, kohlrabi, beets, herbs and radishes in smaller amounts. I’m not sure when we’ll harvest the Jerusalem artichokes.

Our new hobby of canning has been interesting. We’ve canned 47 pints so far: 12 pints of strawberry jam, 16 pints of bread and butter pickles, 8 pints of dill relish, 7 pints of sweet relish, and 4 pints of tomato sauce. We just canned 15 pints of relish and pickles this past weekend and did the sauce Monday night.  We didn’t get around to using all of our frozen tomato harvest from last summer, but “Frank” the freezer was getting full, so we had to free up some space. Mutti thought the sauce made from the frozen tomato tasted fine, even though it’s not typical to can previously frozen items.

15 more pints canned

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