Bread and Butter Pickles in the Bread and Butter State

cut up cucumbers for picklesI didn’t know Minnesota had the nickname “bread and butter state” since 1902. Pickles aren’t wheat and dairy, but we like them anyway. Mutti collected small cukes over several days to get enough to try canning some bread and butter pickles. Here are the cucumbers cut up. They were just about 7 pounds.

cucumbers soaking in vinegar and spices mixThe vinegar, sugar and spice mixture was brought to a boil and then poured over the cucumber slices in a very large bowl. After 30 minutes, they were ready to be packed and canned in the sterilized pint jars. Just a note – I thought it was interesting that the instructions on the packet said to cut the cucumbers in 1/2 inch slices, but the picture on the package shows pickles cut at about an 1/4 inch. I think the smaller size might fit better in the jars, as fitting thicker chunks was a little challenging.

8 pints of bread and butter picklesHere are the finished 8 pints of bread and butter pickles. We had some cucumbers left after filling the 8 sterilized jars, so we put them in the fridge to continue developing flavor. We now have some home-made relish and bread and butter pickles in there. We tried the relish on turkey brats this past week and really liked it!

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