Relishing the Canning Experience Again

cucumbers fresh from the gardenOur cucumber plants have been busy. We’ve had enough to share six with my sister and two with my cousin. Although they’re fine raw, my favorite way to enjoy them is Mutti’s refrigerator pickles. We shared a quart of these with my sister and we’ll probably share that recipe in a future post, if I can catch Mutti in the act of making it. At the moment we’re relishing the canning experience again with a dill relish recipe.

Here is a picture of some chunks about to be pulsed. The recipe was for eight pounds of cukes.

chunks of cucumbers about to be pulsed

And through the magic of television, here are the cucumbers after pulsing.

Cucumbers after pulsingMutti noted that some were irregular sized bits, but I thought that was part of the charm of home made stuff, so we left them in without dicing them up further.

large bowl of cukes in brine soakingThe cucumber bits soaked for two hours in water with turmeric and canning salt. (I originally said white wine vinegar, but that was added on the stove during cooking.)

We were careful to boil the jars and metal funnel for a good 10 minutes. The relish had to be boiled on the stove and then on simmer for 10 minutes, so we timed those together.  I pulled the jars out with the tongs and set them on a clean towel on the counter so I could fill them with the relish. After they were filled, Mutti removed any air bubbles with a spatula and wiped the top of the lid clean.

removing air bubblesThe magnetic lid tool is so appreciated that I had to get a picture of it in action. We learned after our first canning experience with jam that we were not supposed to boil the lids, so this time it was very warm water.

magnetic lid wand in actionAfter I set the lid on the jar, Mutti got the ring and tightened the top. That’s her lovely hand at work. Then I got the tongs and placed the jar back into the bath.

tightening the lid after jar is filled with relishAfter the pints were filled and back in the bath we set the timer for 15 minutes. After they were done we let them sit for 5 minutes more before removing them onto a towel.

Pints of relish in boiling water bathBelow are the seven pints of relish. We had extra relish to fill an eighth one, but there wasn’t another sterilized jar, so we put the leftover relish in a clean used jar for the refrigerator. They should develop their full flavor in 4-6 weeks. Mutti has become quite the canning enthusiast and so we are hoping to get enough smaller cukes to can a batch of regular pickles.

8 pints of dill relish

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