A Bouncing Baby Butternut!

baby butternut squashActually it is quite tranquil hanging around on the squash trellis. This is our one and only butternut squash so far to set fruit, and we love the little guy all the more. The squash borers have caused issues with two large vines of the Buttercup variety – though the vine that I laid on the ground to form more roots looks like it is better off.

Below is a montage of more baby veggies, fruit and grain that is growing in the yard right now. Pictured from left to right starting with the back row are radish, a cantaloupe, fennel, pea pods, buckwheat, and a cucumber. They’re not as cute as the Minnesota Zoo Farm Babies commercial (which I can’t find a link to, so I hope that’s right). But the “Mr. Otter” ad here is comparable. Anyway, unlike the baby cucumber, the baby cantaloupe is fuzzy, so that should count for something.

baby fruit and veggie pics from our garden We are surprised that we are still getting pea pods this late in the summer with all the heat we’ve had. They are slowing down considerably with some vines dying back, but we had enough to serve with dinner one night this past week.

The fennel is a perennial, but I’m not sure how big they’re supposed to get in one season. This is a smaller one of the group that came from seed earlier this summer. It is an allelopathic plant, so we gave them a place on their own. That said, there are perennial weeds, mint, lily of the valley and a ragtag hosta that don’t seem to mind their presence.

Neither of us has grown grains other than corn, but I planted the buckwheat in the garlic bed because I read that this was a good idea.  The Mancan buckwheat should flower fairly quickly and then we’ll keep an eye on them. We hope to harvest the grain and dig the rest into the soil to add some nutrients back.

We also sowed more carrots, lettuce, and some cilantro (to replace the plant we had that bolted). I’m hoping the cilantro will mature in time to make salsa!

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