Houdini and the Backyard Bullies

red admiral upside down in raspberry nettingI was going to change topics for this post, but while picking some of the last of the raspberries today I came across Houdini here – a Red Admiral butterfly caught under the netting. The netting does not go to the ground, but once you’re stuck you’re stuck. I quickly grabbed my camera for this picture before setting it free. I hope to get a better pic of one of these as they are quite beautiful, but I was too busy in the yard to sit and wait for the perfect moment. Ironically, Houdini flitted by me later when I was stuck in the blueberry patch on my hands and knees with netting caught on a back pocket button. Yes, this really happened and I’m glad Houdini isn’t a shutterbug.

And now I will briefly vent about the bullies. The initial admiration we had for some elegant lacy winged dragonflies has been replaced with disgust. I did not know dragonflies were carnivores that fed on other insects including beloved bumbles and butterflies. More than once this past week I have seen a large dragonfly chase a Monarch out of our yard and it just irks me – the bully. We want a safe place for butterflies to land and have some R&R. Why can’t they bother the little flying beetles that are chomping on our pole bean leaves and sour cherry!

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