Arbor-ness and Squash Trellis Update

arbor trellis in back yardI realized today that the new trellis project might be called an arbor, unlike the squash trellis made from pallets. I see these terms used interchangeably when the function of the arbor is to act like a trellis. I suppose there is a similar ambiguity between pergola and arbor. A search for pictures online suggests these attributes: an arbor resembles a doorway, a pergola covers a square sitting sized space, and a trellis is something smaller than an arbor, that does not resemble a doorway, that could also be used to grow things on. One could easily argue for overlap in these categories, so I won’t go further and delve into the arbor-ness of an arbor as that might lead to Plato, and musings on the lawn furniture in our lives.

This arbor trellis, made of cedar, was bought as a kit at an end of summer sale. I put it together last fall but didn’t decide where to put it until recently. Even though it’s cedar, I went ahead and sprayed the bottoms of the arbor legs with a sealant. I did this on our front arbor and the “natural” coloring faded to the regular cedar color, which we prefer. Also, for added stability in the wind, I bought some rebar poles to attach to the four main posts using copper brackets and nails (pictured). Some Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe will hopefully have a fun time on this, their new jungle gym. They’re off to a slow start having been relocated, but they’ll soon get the swing of it.

trellis rebar attached with copper plated brackets

On the squash trellis, we already have a winner for the race to the top. And where does a squash vine go from there? The vines on both sides will soon be “over the hill” – but in a good way, like a roller coaster. Even now, Mutti has added twine for more runners. We have had a few more blooms, and what looks like the first squash starting, so we’re hopeful.

squash trellis with plants climbing

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