Let’s Make a Deal: B1, B5 or a Front Yard Item?

We have a few unrelated recent photos of the yard, so I’m posting in the style of Let’s Make a Deal. No need to get into costume, I’m just feeling a little goofy. Without any further ado…

Raised Bed Number 1? Ok, Let’s See B1!

peas and lettuceHere there is a growing jungle of pea pods forming a delicate arch over a bed of lettuce, beets and radishes. Further down the bed are eight tickets to Brussels. Ok, I exaggerate. It’s eight Brussel sprout plants, with a volunteer sprout setting seeds for the following season. This bed also contains a recently trimmed alpine strawberry that bears little red strawberries all season long!

One could choose this, or see what’s in B5!

Tomatoes and basilIn raised bed #5. We have two pairs of 4 types of heirloom tomatoes (Mortgage Lifter, Yellow Pear, San Marzano Roma, and Brandywine Pink – I ran out of Brandywine Red seeds last year and bought these thinking they were red seeds). And in between these are some Genovese Basil plants!  Culinary adventures in pesto await. But there’s more. On the ends we have white and yellow onion sets, and a couple rows of Touchon Carrots!

Ok, we’ve seen B1 and B5. Do we risk it all for what’s in the front yard?

In the front yard…it’s a chorus of daisies! Small and white, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me. I know that’s actually referring to edelweiss, but these are just as good! Strange. It looks like one of the side blooms is making bunny ears on a rock in the background.

large shasta daisy plant blooming

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