Ellie’s Crop Report: June 24, 2011

Ellie the cat looking out the window on raised beds in the backyardI should update Ellie’s picture, as the raised beds certainly don’t look that bare now. We’ve had fun harvesting produce:  2.4 lbs of strawberries, 15.5 oz green onions, 11.5 oz radishes, 10 oz turnip greens, 6 oz pepper, 14 oz lettuce, and 3 oz of garlic scapes.

We have an unfair wrestling match in B1 between Al the Alpine and the Detroit Reds. Al’s got two or three small beet plants pinned and is setting his sights on the Brussel sprouts. We may try transplanting half of the alpine strawberry before it’s done bearing for the summer, and let the rest of it finish out the season.

As we were late with the pea pods, those are just starting to produce now. Most beans are up to the first “rung” of twine or cord, and a few squash runners have been lightly secured with twine to train them up the trellis. Cukes are getting their second pair of leaves, potatoes have been built up with more soil and mulched, and the garlic have had their curly scapes removed.

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