A Bright Spot Behind the Swing Plot

Flowers in back with a benchWe wanted a front and back yard that would give an open arms welcome to bees and butterflies. So, in addition to refraining from the use of chemicals that could harm them, we try to choose plants that meet their tastes as well as our own. This corner is part of that overall plan to create a more hospitable habitat for them. It is a mix of wild columbine, yarrow, salvia, gaillardia (not blooming yet), SilverFeather Grass, Little Blue Stem, Karl Forrester Grass, bee balm, tickseed (coreopsis), Shasta Daisy and sedum of various kinds. It may not be everyone’s typical garden choices for flowers, but most of them are drought tolerant, and only need to be deadheaded to continue blooming. And, we love the colors. We plan to move a bird bath back among the flowers here too, as another gesture of hospitality.

Elsewhere in the yard we also have a butterfly bush, butterfly weed, perennial bachelor buttons, more bee balm and yarrow as well as a mound of coneflower plants partly inspired by our neighbors behind us. We’ll picture those later when it’s their time to shine.

If you haven’t already, please take the opportunity to vote in the anonymous lawn poll on white clover at the upper right side of the blog.

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