Irises – Out of Sight, Out of Mind Until August

light blue irises in front yard gardenWe’re not just about growing lots of veggies. The picture at left is our front yard taken the end of May. When we moved in nothing in the picture was there except grass – not even the walking path. We believe in blended gardens so there are edibles such as garlic, onions and mint interplanted.

Featured in the lower right are irises called Unbelievable Love. We got these last year from Jack Worel, a Minnesotan residing in the Twin Cities who has named a number of beautiful irises of his own. We enjoyed having two of his irises bloom this spring.

Sunny Lynn iris that is faint yellow with light blueThe second picture is of an iris he named after his daughter Sunny, whom I know-and she’s a woman who lives up to her name. The third picture is Anna’s Music named for one of his granddaughters. We have a few other types of irises in the front and back along with some my sister Ruthie shared with us called Sapphire Gem. Those have thrived in a beautiful clump of blue since the move. But the irises are all done too soon. We did have a white rebloomer, Immortality, come back for a second hurrah last fall which was fun, and we hope it has a repeat performance this year.

Anna's Music iris that is fusciaSapphire Gem blue irises from Ruthie






If anyone is interested, the Iris Society of Minnesota, affiliated with the American Iris Society, has a dig (August 13th) and sale event (August 20th and 21st) later this summer. Volunteers who trek out to the MN Landscape Arboretum and put in at least a half day during their iris dig or fundraising sale will receive special iris as payment along with lunch. These are varieties not available at their sale. I was tempted to do this last year but didn’t quite get there. If you’re interested, follow this link for contact information at the bottom of their page. I don’t know whether volunteers need to pay the entrance fee, so I would ask.

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