So, What’s in Season?

The question has nothing to do with catwalk trends and everything to do with fresh produce. I don’t know about promotions for locally grown produce in other states, but Minnesota Grown has a helpful Website that includes a seasonal eating chart and a convenient way to locate services and products, such as locally grown pick-your-own strawberries, by zip code. They also have useful information on growers in their free printed directory. My co-worker who runs Naturally Wild was kind enough to distribute some of these directories in our workplace for those of us that were interested. Thank you – and you know who you are!

Mutti and I like eating locally grown produce for a lot of reasons, and tonight she fixed up some turnip greens from the garden in a sweet and sour stir-fry. Now that is as local as we can get. But for others without a yard or who choose not to grow edibles, there are local farmer’s markets that are sprouting up all over. And many cities offer community garden plots for a small fee. Some folks have very productive container gardens on their balconies, or maximize whatever land they do have, including sunny window ledges. In our home, the sunniest ledge is prime real estate according to Ellie, so we primarily keep to the yard.


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