Gingerbread Wedding Chapel

Gingerbread Wedding Chapel by Me

Gingerbread Wedding Chapel

With the heat over 100 degrees outside, I bet that there are couples glad this weather didn’t land on their wedding day. Minnesota doesn’t often reach 103 in early June. On days like this one doesn’t think of baking. But back a few years I used an oven on a warm summer day to make this gingerbread chapel. I remember cranking up my car’s AC full blast to keep it from melting in transit. A recipe for disaster? Well, thankfully no. It needed icing touch-ups on site to keep the roof from sliding down. And I suppose if the roof had succumbed to gravity, I could have improvised a foil solar panel. Hmm, an alternative energy gingerbread house, how yummy that sounds.

The picture is going in the Creative Arts Building slide show along with other projects we’ve enjoyed making.

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