First Pound Towards a Ton and… a Contest

With the chilly spring and late start to the cold season veggies, we are still happy to announce that we have made it to a little over one pound of produce.  What got us there was a combination of small peppers off the indoor plant we over-wintered, some chives, green onions, and two kind of stubby French Breakfast Radishes with good flavor.

We won’t be posting each time we reach a pound. But to celebrate our very first I’m offering a little fun for those who may be visiting the site. When we were out this past week we saw a welcome lurker around the rosemary that we just put back in the garden.

picture of mystery critter in garden

Can you spot the wildlife?

If you can be the first person to spot the wildlife, you will win a free haiku poem tailored to something of interest to you written by yours truly. Yes, we’re low budget here and it’s not that I’m aspiring to be the next Basho, but the blooming irises have me in a certain mood. So, along with your idea of what’s in the photo, include a note of something you’d like haiku written about and we’ll see what happens. If you don’t like haiku, my advance apologies. You’ll still have the honor of being the first “Where’s WildLife” winner on the blog. Please be patient, as monitoring comments can sometimes take a while.

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