Gardening Apps and All That Jazz

Maybe I’m old school, but I was reading a little about gardening apps here, here, and here, and I realized from screen shots and descriptions in reviews that I couldn’t really see myself using them, at least not in their current form. I still prefer the traditional reference books, but I do keep garden records in a spreadsheet document. It’s maybe overboard for some folks, but I have columns by date, vegetable, type, number planted, days to harvest, estimated date of harvest, and a code for location planted in the yard to aid in crop rotation.

Yes, we have code names for plots, though they are not as random nor as imaginative as those used by secret service, foreign or domestic. No, it’s more like B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, SP, etc. SP, the code for the area behind our cedar swing (“swing plot”), could juice one’s imagination as a big band dance floor, but the only scat going on back there is our vocalizing towards the occasional rabbit.

So, back to the spreadsheet. I did find one time-saving web page online for helping me fill out the estimated date of harvest column. It was this very simple page where you enter days you want added to the current date, and voila, it provides the month and day for the current year. Or you can adjust the starting date as you like, if using planting notes from an earlier point. This was simple, fast and free. I noticed in the Android app review that their harvest dates were automatically filled in using weather conditions for the UK/Ireland. I don’t know exactly how the other Apple apps work for these calculations, but I did see at least one was explicitly geared for North American users.

I also keep a spreadsheet for harvesting, but I won’t bore you with the details. It involves more secret codes, like F1, F2, and G. Nope, not Frank, Fitzgerald, and Goodman. Though, I might be more jazzed about the preserving process if we called the downstairs freezer Frank. Frank and his Ol’ Blue Ice.

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