Ellie’s Crop Report: May 28, 2011

Ellie the cat looking out the window on raised beds in the backyardWe periodically look up to see Ellie watching our progress in the yard. I took Friday off, so we worked all day until it started to rain. Midway through we did stop to chat with our neighbor in back as a welcome break. Here is a quick list of what was accomplished:

1. Planted our heirloom tomatoes into raised bed, and a few outside it (4 types: Mortgage Lifter, Yellow Pear, Brandywine, and San Marzano, 10 plants so far in the ground).

2. Planted our heirloom peppers into raised bed (King of North and Pimento type, 8 plants out and have a few smaller ones to add)

3. Cleared ground, placed squash pallet trellis, and planted Table Queen seeds.

4. Planted Muncher Burpless Cucumber on second trellis we put up Thursday evening.

5. Cleared ground for Kentucky Wonder beans- dug holes for wooden teepee posts and will later finish it by attaching a cross beam and possibly a third teepee trio to help keep it sturdy and provide more growing room.

6. Cleared area for Minnesota Midget cantaloupe seeds, and attached pallet top to side of cedar swing.

7. Planted culinary flax, Love Lies Bleeding amaranth seed, marigolds, dwarf nasturtiums, trailing nasturtiums, bachelor buttons, and statice.

It was a busy day!

We look forward to updating our pound count when our crops get going. Thinning out the onion sets and snipping chives hardly show on our scale so far. We’ll see what further planting progress can be made today- even though my muscles are feeling fatigued from yesterday’s workout. Maybe I’ll work on the second squash trellis.

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